Default validity period of a certificate created by keytool on Impact 5.1.1

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What is the default validity period for a certificate, which is created by keytool on Impact 5.1.1, and can this period be adjusted.


The default period that a certificate created, by the Java's "keytool" utility, is only for 90 days.

The following URL describes how to create a certificate, which is needed to set up SSL communication on Impact 5.1.1,

If it's your desire to shorten or lengthen this period of time, you'll need to do so during the time of the certificate creation, with this option: "-validity #", where the # value is in days.

There may be other options, when using the keytool utility, which users may find useful. To see all the options please use "keytool -help", prior to creating your certificate.

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