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Tracing the integrated Agent Controller in Rational Application Developer

Technote (troubleshooting)


I am experiencing issues with the integrated Agent Controller in Rational Application Developer and want to collect debug traces to submit to IBM support.

Resolving the problem

For Rational Application Developer 8.5.1 and later:

To collect trace information for the integrated Agent Controller (IAC), use the standard Rational Application Developer trace mechanism and include strings in the .options file that will collect diagnostic data for the IAC. For details on tracing tools, see How to trace Rational Application Developer.

Add the following strings in the .options file to collect diagnostic data for the IAC:

# Collectively disables all IAC trace options. This
# must be true for any options below to take effect

# Trace the startup and shutdown of the IAC

# Launch the IAC with DEBUG-level logging. By default the IAC
# is configured with INFORMATION-level logging. Setting this
# to true will configure the IAC with DEBUG-level logging which
# will generate much more detailed information in the IAC log file.

# Specify the directory where the IAC log file will be written. The
# default value of %TPTP_AC_CONFIG_HOME% will store the log file
# under the workspace metadata folder:
#  .metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.tptp.platform.iac.administrator\config

# Select the format of the entries in the log. Options are Simple or CBE.
# CBE is an xml-based format which very detailed information; use this
# when working with IBM support. Simple is easily readable in a text
# editor, but does not contain timestamps or component information.

For Rational Application Developer 8.5 and earlier:

Manually configure the IAC to generate DEBUG-level logging information:

  1. Open the following file in a text editor:


  2. Find the following line:

    <Logging directory="%TPTP_AC_CONFIG_HOME%" format="CBE" level="INFORMATION"/>

  3. Change the value of the level attribute from INFORMATION to DEBUG. For example:

    <Logging directory="%TPTP_AC_CONFIG_HOME%" format="CBE" level="DEBUG"/>

  4. In the Rational Application Developer menu, click Window > Preferences > Agent Controller > Integrated Agent Controller.

  5. For the option Activate the Integrated Agent Controller on demand, select Disable.

  6. If you are prompted to stop the currently running IAC, click Yes.

  7. Open a command prompt and launch IAC manually. For example, enter:

    C:\Program Files\IBM\SDPShared\plugins\\agent_controller\bin\ACServer.exe -d <workspace>\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.tptp.platform.iac.administrator\config

    • Replace C:\Program Files\IBM\SDPShared with the path to the Rational Application Developer shared resources location on your computer.
    • The "win_ia32_X.Y.Z.vYYYYMMDDhhmm" portion of the path will vary based on your platform and the exact version of the installed plugin.

      Choose the most recent plugin version which is present on the system, and the OS/target architecture for your platform and JRE. Valid pairings are: win_ia32, win_em64t, linux_ia32, linux_em64t.

  8. Re-run the failing scenario. The IAC log is written to the following location:


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