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Translator appears to hang and reprocesses badly enveloped data. - Sterling Gentran:Server for Microsoft Windows

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Translator appears to hang and reprocesses badly enveloped data.
1-6-2002 Warning 92733 EventName System UserName ServerName AuditNumber
Translation using gntxeng.exe failed with error 80040702 and 80010105. RPC_E_SERVERFAULT detected. Commpost module is entering retry logic. Retry attempt number is x of 5.


When data file is received and is poorly enveloped within interchanges, groups and/or documents, it is reprocessed 5 times by translator causing large memory consumption and long translation times. This causes data to backup in the system.

Using Pass through Break 2 or Break 3 Maps.


Code was added to reprocess data when translator crashed however when data files are interchanged improperly this causes large memory usage.

Diagnosing the problem

1-6-2002 warning appears.

Using Pass through Break 2 or Break 3 Maps.

Long processing times between Warning messages.

Data file is not using Envelopes within Standards Guidelines.

Resolving the problem

Contact Business Partner and request that they send properly enveloped data.

An enhancement has been made to limit the times of reprocessing or you can choose to not reprocess if you receive this type of message. If you choose not to reprocess you will receive an error message. Your processing still could take a long time to process the first time. However it will only continue to process if not set in registry or if set with value not equal to 0.

The enhancement exists in the following versions:
5.3 Patch 4
5.2J Patch 22
5.2 Patch 22
5.1 Patch 52

To receive the fix please download the latest patch for your version from Fix Central (

Once you have installed the latest patch, have your Windows Administrator assist in adding the following registry value.

For 32 Bit-OS:

For 64 Bit-OS:

Set value to 0 if you wish not to reprocess interchange
Set value from 1-5 for the amount of tries to attempt.

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