ITCAM4Tx: No robotic data in TEP after Rational Robot script is played back

Technote (troubleshooting)


Running Rational robot script on RRT (T6) agent version v7.2.0.2 doesn't produce any response time results in TEP robotic agent workspaces


No data in TEP robotic "Transactions" or "Applications" workspace, although "Robotic Script Playback Status" workspace is showing playback occurred and completed successfully; C:\IBM\ITM\TMAITM6\arm\log\kt6 directory contains arm .dat files with data;


Known issue with RRT 07.20.01 or 07.20.02 environment; ARM libraries are out of date for Rational Robot.


Rational Robot V7.0.2 (or Robot 2003 sr6), ITCAM for Tx Robotic Response Time ('t6') agent version 07.20.01 or V07.20.02

Resolving the problem

- Install ITCAM for Tx v7.2 fixpack0003,
refer to :
for installing RRT agent 7.2 fixpack 3

Remark : the chapter "MANUAL UPDATE OF ARM LIBRARIES" is incomplete.

it states :
"For T6 agents configured to run IBM Rational Robot, this update package provides a new libarm4.dll
library that needs to be manually updated in the Rational Robot project directories.
Stop the T6 agent.
Replace the libarm4.dll in the Rational Robot directory:
Copy the libarm4.dll file in the <ITM_HOME>\TMAITM6\t6\lib directory to the
<RATIONAL_HOME_BASE>\Rational Test directory.


You also have to copy the following dll :
into the following directories:
"C:\Program Files\Rational\Rational Test\"
and in
and in
directories as well if using Robot 7.0.2

Remark : The Project name/directory is "ITCAMProject" (instead of ITCAMStandAlone) if using Rational Robot v2003 sr6

Restart the T6 agent

Re-upload to the AMC, using the multi file uploader (MFU), your existing Rational Robot GUI scripts, as old ones contains old libarm dll.

for reference, another technote possibly useful:

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