Failed to load schedule list

Technote (troubleshooting)


The user is unable to see any previously or newly scheduled reports in the Scheduler


The crontab on the host server was recently edited.


Crontab has become corrupted


Unix only

Diagnosing the problem

Place the crontab details into a text file.

e.g. as the user
crontab -l > /tmp/crontab.txt

Then use vi, VIM or od to view the file, checking for special characters and unexpected new lines.
od - c /tmp/crontab.txt
vim /tmp/crontab.txt
vi /tmp/crontab.txt

Resolving the problem

Check the output of crontab -l on the Reporter Server host. If
there are any lines duplicated or commented out, please remove them.

In addition, check for and remove any ^M characters.

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