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HTTP "Post Request" activity created by previous version of Studio becomes "Invoke Request" activity in 6.3 Studio

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When you open a Cast Iron project which is created by a version of Studio before version 6.3, the HTTP "Post Request" activity becomes "Invoke Request" activity. What is the impact of this change and what do you need to do?


In WebSphere Cast Iron Studio V6.3, the "Post Request" activity is renamed to the "Invoke Request" activity. 


The activity configuration and runtime behavior do not change after the activity is renamed, and no further updates are required.

The "Post Request" activity in previous versions by default uses the HTTP POST method, but it also allows users to specify the HTTP method by mapping a value to "/httpheaders/method".

In WebSphere Cast Iron Studio V6.3, the activity is renamed to "Invoke Request" to reflect such usage.

Note that in WebSphere Cast Iron Studio V6.3, there are 5 new HTTP method-specific activities, and one of them is named "Post Request". The new "Post Request" activity specifically uses HTTP POST method, and does not allow the user to specify the HTTP method. Also, there is no "/httpheaders/method" node in its Map Input or Map Output.

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Software version: 6.3

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Modified date: 08 November 2013

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