GLPSRV041I message always gets logged at ibmslapd.log default location.

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Even after specifying a new location for the ibmslapd.log file, why does the "GLPSRV041I Server starting." message gets recorded under the default location when the server is restarted?


When changes are made to the default log location path and the server is restarted, the "GLPSRV041I Server starting." message gets logged to the old (default) log location. Then all further log events can be found in the new location as expected.

Example paragraph from ibmslapd.conf showing default path location ("sample" is instance name used in this example):
dn: cn=ibmslapd, cn=Log Management, cn=Configuration
cn: ibmslapd
ibm-slapdLog: /home/sample/idsslapd-sample/logs/ibmslapd.log
#ibm-slapdLogOptions is the log level & must be one of l/m/h (l=terse, h=verbose)
ibm-slapdLogOptions: m
objectclass: ibm-slapdLogConfig
objectclass: ibm-slapdConfigEntry
objectclass: top
objectclass: container


When the server is starting up, it will parse the configuration parameters to determine if any non-default paths are set for the logs. Once the process parses the new log location from configuration file, further messages are recorded in the new location. This is why the "GLPSRV041I Server starting." is getting logged in the default log.

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