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This document details some of the considerations that need to be taken into consideration before implementing Maximo.


There are several pieces to your business that you need to think about in order to have a successful Maximo implementation.
• Organizations - How you define your organization or organizations is going to have a profound effect on how you set up Maximo. It’s going to be important for you to understand how your business is set up. Is your business set up with multiple organizations or a single organization? If you have multiple organizations do the organizations have different or similar business processes? Are you in a situation where these organizations share inventory or assets?

• Geography - How is your business set up geographically? Are your businesses segments in different countries or time zones? Do you need to consider labor laws or other restrictions put on your business by governments that your business units reside in? Are your inventory transfers, shipping processes etc. impacted by geography?

• Sites / Locations - How do you define your sites and locations? Are sites geographic entities like cities, buildings, or companies? Are locations defined as buildings, or parts of buildings or rooms? How are the storerooms in your business defined? Is the location system set up as hierarchy with a parent / child relationships or a networked systems with multiple parents / children etc.?

• Financial / Currency / GL Structure - If your company is divided into multiple departments, do those departments use different financial systems or processes? If the business units are located in different states, do they use different tax structures? If the units are located in different countries do they use different base currencies? Do you currently use financial tools that you intend to continue to use after Maximo is installed?

• Business Process - Do the various business units conduct different types of work? How are those business units defined? Do you have a departments that share processes? Do entities in your business have separate business processes?

• Data - What kind of data exists and in what form prior to implementing Maximo? Data in Maximo can be entered on a variety of levels. You need to consider in advance what levels data will be entered into Maximo with regard to all of the considerations above. Data needs to match up with the respective data storage levels and with the appropriate database tables in order for the applications it be used as designed. This is something you’ll most likely want to think about if you’re planning on using a data import tool to pull your data into Maximo. This is why you need to determine the structure of your organizations, sites, locations etc. before moving the data.

• Security Procedures and Requirements - Are there specific security considerations for your various business units? Do you need to consider that some users should not have access to certain data that other do have access to?

These are just a few of the considerations that you need to think about and will help you to start thinking about the kinds of questions that need to be asked during the planning process in a Maximo implementation.

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