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How do you disable tasks in the Master Data Service (Initiate Hub Engine)?

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How can we disable tasks in the Master Data Service? We are looking for a way to keep new tasks from being created ( i.e. potential linkages, potential duplicates).


The following are the recommended methods of disabling tasks:

First method - Disable the 'Uses tasks' setting within Workbench:

  1. Open your Workbench project.
  2. Open the Hub Configuration (IMM file).
  3. Click the Member Types menu and then click the "Entity Types" tab.
  4. Select the entity type.
  5. Find under the Properties tab (lower left) the property 'Uses tasks' and set it to False.

Second method - Set the Clerical Review and Autolink thresholds equal. This option will either autolink members or keep them separate, without the creation of tasks.

Third method - Disable the Entity Manager. Choose this method if you are only looking to disable tasks temporarily.

(Note: None of the above methods disable Potential Overlay tasks)

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