Cannot Create Associated PM Records from Master PM

Technote (troubleshooting)


Associated PMs do not have any job plan or asset information.

Resolving the problem

It is necessary to create a rotating items, job plans to use the master PM to create associated PM records.


1. Create some job plans with template type set to MAINTENANCE , change status to active in the job plans application

2. Create a rotating item in item masters application with rotating checkbox ticked

add item to storeroom from select action menu

Change the status to active

3. Create a rotating asset , enter a rotating item in the item field

4. Create a new Master PM record, enter the rotating item and item set

Tick checkbox Create Associated PMs for Item's Location and tick checkbox  Create Associated PMs for Item's Asset

Go to job plan sequence tab, add a new job plan. Click the arrow besides the job plan field to bring up a value list and select the appropriate job plan.

Go to select action menu, create associated PM
Select the rotating asset to be used for the associated PM

Associated PM has been created

5. Check that asset, job plan have been populated on the Associated PM

NOTE: If you wish to associate location, then the rotating item should be attached to one or more locations in the locations application

1.  location BR430 has rotating item PUMP100 attached

2. Attach this rotating item in the Master PM

3. Tick the checkbox "create associated PMs for item's location"

4. When creating associated PM from select action menu, click Locations tab

5. Select a location, click ok.

6. Associated PM has been created

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