ASP3 or ASP7 and DFHAP0002 error 3285 in DFHD2D2 when accessing DB2 from an application

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Your application fails with an ASP3 abend (abenASP3) or ASP7 abend (abenASP7) and message DFHAP0002 with severe error code X'3285' in module DFHD2D2. This occurs when you run an application in CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) V5.1. In this case, you were using a Java™ application with JDBC or SQLJ to access DB2, but the error could happen with any application.


DFHAP0002 applid A severe error (code X'3285') has occurred in module DFHD2D2
ASP3 abend
ASP7 abend


DB2 APAR PM57744 must be applied. This is documented in the dynamically generated CICS TS V5.1 detailed system requirements. Click on the link in the CICS TS V5.1 detailed system requirements to view the dynamically generated detailed system requirements. Select the "Supported Software" tab and scroll down to the Databases section and find DB2. Click on "View" in the Details column to see the notes.

Resolving the problem

Apply PTF for DB2 APAR PM57744 (DB2 V9.1 PTF UK78500 or DB2 V10.1 PTF UK78499).

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CICS/TS CICS TS CICS Transaction Server

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