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Uploading a document to the repository overwrites the existing version

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Why does uploading a document to the repository overwrite the existing version even when I have renamed or moved the document?


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When a document is created in the WebSphere Business Compass repository, it is assigned an internal identifier that is distinct from the name that you give the document. Two documents in the repository can have the same name and still have different identifiers. Conversely, two documents can have different names but still have the same identifier.

If you rename a document or move it to another folder, the internal identifier does not change. When you export a document and upload it again, the identifier does not change. Therefore, if you export a document and then later upload it to the same repository, you overwrite the version that exists in the repository, regardless of whether the document in the repository has been renamed or moved to a different folder.


When you create a new copy of a document using copy and paste, a new identifier is generated for the copy. To maintain several versions of a document, use the Copy and Paste buttons in the Action toolbar.

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