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Upgrading a UML model results in associations that are crossed out

Technote (troubleshooting)


After you upgrade a model from IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA) v7.5.x to either v8.0.x or v8.5.x, uni-directional associations (also called "directed associations") become bi-directional and "X"'es appear on the associations.


The following steps reproduce the problem:

  1. Open RSA v7.5.x and create a UML project and model

  2. Add a class diagram to the model

  3. Add classes to the diagram

  4. Connect the classes with directed associations

  5. Save the changes and close RSA

  6. Open RSA v8.0.x or v8.5.x

  7. Load the model and open the diagram

    Expected Result: The diagram elements appear in RSA v8.0.x and v8.5.x the same way that they do in v7.5.x.

    Actual Result: The relationships appear as bi-directional and appear crossed out on the diagram. If you validate these relationships, the IRJA0131W Property "memberEnd" of "<Association> [Name of Association]" has 1 value(s); requires between 2 and (unlimited) warning message will appear.


There were problems with the relationships already in RSA v7.5.x. If you add a new class diagram to the v7.5.x model and then drag all the classes onto this diagram, broken relationships will appear among these classes.

Resolving the problem


There are two ways to workaround this problem.

A. Follow these steps to modify the model in RSA v7.5.x before you upgrade it to v8.0.x or v8.5.x:

  1. Open RSA v7.5.x and load the model

  2. Add a new class diagram to the model

  3. Drag & drop all classes, enumerations, and interfaces onto the class diagram
    Result: Some relationships between the classes have X'es on them.

  4. Right click all of the relationships with the X'es and click Delete from Model. (No data loss will result.)

  5. Delete the newly created class diagram from the model (Optional)

  6. Save all the changes and close RSA v7.5.x

  7. Load the model into RSA v8.0.x. or v8.5


B. Follow these steps to modify the model after you have upgraded it to v8.0.x or v8.5.x:
  1. Open the model in RSA v8.0.x or v8.5.x

  2. Right click on the associations in question and click Delete from Model

  3. Redraw the associations

  4. Save the changes

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Software Development Rational Software Architect for WebSphere Software Modeling Windows, 8.5

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