Partial Exchange mailbox restore

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ACN5935W The mailbox restore operation has only partially completed is reported during a individual mailbox restore attempt


Restore will appear to function and when data is being moved into the mailbox the ACN5935W is reported


A large number of mailbox items has resulted in a MAPI overflow. Due to this, only a partial number of messages were copied to the mailbox.

Diagnosing the problem

The restore will show the following behavior:

VSS Restore operation completed with rc = 0
Files Examined : <Number of files>
Files Completed : <Number of files>
Files Failed : 0
Total Bytes : <Bytes>
Total LanFree Bytes : 0
Recovery being run. Please wait. This may take a while...
Querying Exchange Recovery Database...
Checking Active Directory entries...
Recovering deleted items for mailbox '<mailbox name>'. This
process may take several minutes...
Restoring mailbox '<Mailbox name>' to original location...
Mailbox restore failed.
ACN5935W The mailbox restore operation has only partially completed.
Removing Exchange Recovery Database...
Total mailboxes requested for restore: 1
Total mailboxes restored: 0
ACN0151E Errors occurred while processing the request.

A trace of the restore attempt can show:
mapihandler.cpp (2537): Exit MAPIHandler::logoff(), hr = 0x00000000
mapihandler.cpp (1339): Exit MAPIHandler::restoreMessages(), hr = MAPI_W_PARTIAL_COMPLETION
MAPIBackEnd.cpp (1800): restoreMessages failed
MAPIBackEnd.cpp (1856): Exit restoreMailbox, rc = 2110
MAPIBackEnd.cpp (1558): Exit handleMessage, rc = 2110

Resolving the problem

There are two possible solutions to the behavior. The first is to use the mailbox filters with the restore. The filters can limit the number of messages which are processed at one time for the restoration, but will require the full restore of the mailbox to be done in stages. For example:

    tdpexcc.exe restoremailbox "mailbox name" /MAILBOXFILTER=STARTDATETIME,07/01/2012
The above would just restore one month of mail and subsequent restore commands would be issued for those messages for the other months that need to be restored.

The second solution is to restore the entire database to a Recovery Database. Once the database has been restored, then use the Exchange Restore-Mailbox cmdlet to recover the database. This cmdlet will use the Exchange Management Shell to extract the entire mailbox and does not utilize the MAPI interface. Refer to the Data Protection documentation for information on a full database recovery.

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