Install command itmpatch encounters, ERROR: Unable to create process: 193

Technote (troubleshooting)


Running itmpatch -h <CANDLEHOME> -i <TEMP>\\ fails with error 193


The itmpatch.log shows the error:

    TRACE 14:01:37 (process.cpp,160): runCommand entry
    TRACE 14:01:37 (process.cpp,171): Adding quotes to cmdArray[0]:
    TRACE 14:01:37 (process.cpp,180): cmdArray[0]:
    TRACE 14:01:37 (process.cpp,180): cmdArray[1]: -r
    TRACE 14:01:37 (process.cpp,50): createPipeOut entry
    TRACE 14:01:37 (process.cpp,90): createPipeOut exit
    TRACE 14:01:37 (process.cpp,50): createPipeOut entry
    TRACE 14:01:37 (process.cpp,90): createPipeOut exit
    TRACE 14:01:37 (process.cpp,96): createChildProcess entry
    ERROR 14:01:37 (process.cpp,138): ERROR: Unable to create process: 193


The 193 error code is a Windows system error code that indicates an invalid exe format. This can happen if there is more than one KinCInfo file with different extensions on the machine.

Diagnosing the problem

Please check to see if there are multiple KinCInfo* files present on the system. You may also issue the following command in the DOS command prompt to find all the instances of the file,

>dir /s KinCinfo*

Alternately, you can review the pdcollect file that list the complete file content of the ITM install directory and find all instances of the file. For example:

Directory of C:\IBM\ITM\InstallITM
04/06/2011 04:08 PM 0 KinCinfo
11/28/2012 05:01 PM 101,800 KinCInfo.exe

Resolving the problem

Please delete the incorrect files (zero length, without .exe extension) and that will resolve the issue. Rerun the itmpatch command once again and this time it should complete successfully.

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