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Export of SFG Community by Resource Tag and the SFG Partner contracts are not included in Resource Tag (Not AS2 Partners)

Technote (troubleshooting)


By default, in the SFG Resource Tag, under the Trading Partner Data only has Identities

and Packagings checked, and Contracts are not checked on purpose (even though the

Contracts are created for SFG Partners).


Export of SFG Community by the Resource tag and the export.xml file created does not contain TP contract info/objects for SFG Partners (these are not AS2 Partners). This is because in the Resource Tag under Trading Partners, the Contract box is not selected by default, only Identities and Packings are selected by default.



Resolving the problem

SFG doesn't use the Trading Partner contracts, so there absence in the export of the SFG Community via a Resource Tag should not be of any concern. Contracts are not required for SFG communicates and do not need to be exported in Resource Tag or imported into the target SI Instance. These are not AS2 Partners, these are SFG Partners.

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Modified date: 05 March 2013

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