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Mailbox Delivery Rule not working, troubleshooting tips to review - Sterling Gentran:Server for Microsoft Windows

Technote (troubleshooting)


Mailbox Delivery Rule does not change data as intended


Delivery Rule was not setup correctly

Resolving the problem

To resolve the issue perform the following.

1. Check that the delivery rules Sending and Receiving is set correctly under "Run this rule when ___ a message".

a. Choose Sending for mailboxes that the file was brought in with. Most common choice/requirement.

b. Choose Receiving for the destination mailbox.

2. Check that command line is correct.

a. For Exe Agent syntax should be

i. /o $Input XPROCESS.EXE -<Delivery Rule number> <Problem Hex String> <Corrected Hex String> $Input
Example: /o $Input XPROCESS.EXE -11 0x0d 0x0d0x0a $Input

b. For Dll Agent

i. <Delivery Rule number> <Problem Hex String> <Corrected Hex String>

Example:11 0x0d 0x0d0x0a

3. Check that Hex Characters are displayed properly in a Hex Editor.

a. View data from GENSRVNT\Store Directory. (A copy of the file pre process and post process will be displayed there.

b. Ensure that you are using a Hex editor to view data. (Notepad will change the characters to a readable format and will not display the actual characters.)

c. Ensure that your hex editor is configured to view null characters and to view double byte characters. (Most Hex Editors need to be changed to view these hex characters correctly).

4. Verify that the file XPAgnt30.dll exists in the GENSRVNT\Bin folder. 
a. Check the folder settings in Windows to ensure all files are viewable (not READ ONLY).
b. If the XPAgnt30.dll file does not exist, something has removed it from the Bin folder (anti-virus quarantine, patch didn't install correctly, another user, etc.). 
To correct this problem:
1.Copy the file from a client or another server machine of the same version and patch level and place it in the Bin folder.  If the rule still does not execute, register the DLL from a command line, i.e. regsrv32 C:\GENSRVNT\Bin\XPAgnt30.dll
2. Run the latest patch for Gentran:Server.  The patch will restore a copy of the file to the Bin folder and register it with Windows.

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