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Recommend IE9 and other Web browsers for Rational Team Concert

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Why are you recommended to use Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 9 and other Web browsers, instead of IE 8, for IBM Rational Team Concert Web UI?


Although IE 8 is a supported Web Browser while experience shows that its performance is slower and does not match nor close to other supported browsers.


The following reasons why IE 9 and other Web browsers are recommended instead of IE 8 for Rational Team Concert Web UI are listed below:

  • Web UI loads the dojo toolkit plus thousands of JavaScript classes which must be parsed and executed to run the Rational Team Concert Web UI. The entire Rational Team Concert Web UI runs in JavaScript (except some Flash reports). Excluding network latency and relatively short server responses times, the performance of the Rational Team concert Web UI is directly proportional to the browser JavaScript engine speed.

  • Based on a number of third-party tests on performance of IE 8 JavaScript engine as shown on the links below, it is identified that IE 8 has far slower JavaScript engine in comparison to other web browsers.

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Modified date: 02 July 2013