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How to import all existing Internet Service Monitoring (ISM) profiles from an old into a new "TEPS" database ?


After migration of IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) components like the TEPS to a new hardware, it is needed to (re-)import the KIS tables into the new TEPS database.

If the import of the existing profiles is not fully executed, then the ISM GUI configuration tool may fail with message : JavaLangNullPointerException

Internal Error:
Error Message (See KCJ.LOG for more details:)$1::run - run


If you have already attempted to import profiles into the TEPS database, complete all of the following steps. If you have not yet imported the profiles, skip steps 1 and 2:

1. Use an appropriate database administration tool to remove all ISM tables from the newTEPS database. These tables have names of the format KIS.<NAME>, for example KIS.PROFILES, KIS.ELEMENTS, KIS.HTTP....

2. Launch the TEP client and open the Internet Service Monitoring configuration tool GUI interface. This step is necessary because it re-creates the Internet Service Monitoring tables in the TEPS database, if they don't exist yet.

3. Re-export the profiles using the command, from old environment:
$ISMHOME/bin/profileExport -id 1 > ismprofiles.sql

4. Re-import the profiles into the new TEPS database.

On DB2, use the commands:
db2 connect to teps user <username> using <password>
db2 -tvf ismprofiles.sql -z output.txt

On Microsoft SQL Server, use the command:
osql -S servername -d teps -U <username> -P <password> -I -i ismprofiles.sql -n -o output.txt

For ITCAMfTx ISM 7.3: If $ISMHOME/bin/profileExport does not exist, then you are using a new (and not an upgraded) ITCAMfTx 7.3 environment and there is no "profileExport" tool anymore. This has been replaced by "xml2cli" command and the output from this command is added to the database via "ismconfig" tool, rather than inserting the data directly into the database.

In more detail: In ITCAM for Tx ISM 7.3, we have a new feature for recreating the ISM profile database from the physical profile XML files. You use the "xml2cli" command on each of the ISM agent servers to create an intermediate file, and then you copy these intermediate files to the TEPS server. Then, you use the "ismconfig" command on the TEPS server to add the profiles to the database from these intermediate files.

See also technote:
1591933 - ISM config GUI does not show all of the ISM profiles

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