During install, no ports are specified for ConnectionsMail service entry in LotusConnections-config.xml. Connections Mail does not load.

Technote (troubleshooting)


When you install Connections Mail, the Connections Mail installer updates the connectionsmail service in LotusConnections-config.xml with no ports specified.

This is OK when the WAS IHS Plug-in and IBM HTTP Server have been installed and configured to map requests on the default ports 80 and 443 to 9080 and 9443, respectively (and part of that configuration is to remove the 9080, 9443 port references from LotusConnections-config.xml).

If not, then you must updated the Connections Mail service entry to match the ports specified in the Connections install.


You access Connections using a URL like the following,


and the JavaScript console shows errors like the following
    Failed to preload gadget http://connections.example.com/connections/resources/socmail-client/gadgets/inbox.xml<⁄code> .
    cre.ir....172833 (line 4)
    Detailed error: 502 Unable to retrieve spec for http://connections.example.com/connections/resources/socmail-client/gadgets/inbox.xml<⁄code> . HTTP error 502
    Failed to navigate for gadget http://connections.example.com/connections/resources/socmail-client/gadgets/inbox.xml<⁄code> .


When you install Connections Mail, the Connections Mail installer updates the connectionsmail service in LotusConnections-config.xml with no ports specified, so it expects the WebSphere plugin for IBM HTTP Server to map to the default ports of 80 and 443 to 9080 and 9443, respectively, for example.

Diagnosing the problem

In the Browser JavaScript console, you see errors trying to load the Connections Mail gadget specification with no port number specified,


even though you have to access Connections with a non-default port

Resolving the problem

To resolve the issue, follow these steps:

  1. Edit LotusConnections-config.xml to include the port numbers used for the connectionsmail service. For example:

<sloc:serviceReference enabled="true" serviceName="connectionsmail" ssl_enabled="true">
<sloc:static href="http://dubxpcvm787.mul.ie.ibm.com:9080"
<sloc:interService href="https://dubxpcvm787.mul.ie.ibm.com:9443"/>

The port numbers must be the same as the port numbers in the webresources service, because Connections Mail plugins are installed in the /opt/IBM/Connections/data/shared/provision/webresources directory. For example:

<sloc:serviceReference clusterName="server1" enabled="true"
serviceName="webresources" ssl_enabled="true">
<sloc:static href="http://dubxpcvm787.mul.ie.ibm.com:9080"
<sloc:interService href="https://dubxpcvm787.mul.ie.ibm.com:9443"/>

2. Restart Common application.

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