Is it possible to do a Deming regression in Statistics?

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Is it possible to do a Deming regression in Statistics?


There are no SPSS procedures that will perform Deming Regression. A feature request has been filed with SPSS Development for the inclusion of Deming regression in a future release of SPSS Statistics.

A Deming regression procedure could be written in the SPSS MATRIX language,
MATRIX is a command language with SPSS syntax that has special functions and routines for matrix arithmetic (inversion, transpose, eigenvector/eigenvalue resolution, etc.).

To learn more about MATRIX, choose "Command Syntax Reference" from the Help menu in SPSS. When the Syntax Reference Guide opens, scroll down the set of chapter links on the left to the MATRIX link.

A Deming regression routine could also be written in the Python or R language and incorporated into SPSS through the programmability plugins:
There are user forums for assistance in programmability at:

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