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How to specify the memory location of variables generated by Instrumentation

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How do you specify the memory location of variables that Instrumentation generated in IBM Rational Test RealTime (TestRT)?


TestRT adds various symbols to the code when it instruments the files and adds the code for the Target Deployment Port (TDP). You want manage where TestRT places those symbols in memory.


If the compiler allows to set the section name, you can set the section Name for TestRT variables in the following TDP section. Helpful would be define ATL_SECTION,

Library Settings > Include files visible to all generated and instrumented files.


static int ATTOL_VAR[] __attribute__ ((section ( <Section_name>)));

#define ATL_SECTION <Section_name>

From the command line, you can pass the option directly at the compilation phase.

 -D ATL_SECTION=ATL_STR\(sectionName\)

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