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SwKBT error "Replacement relationship's primary software item with GUID"

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SwKBT v1.2.0.3 fails to import catalogue


SwKBT v1.2.0.03 importing catalogue results in multiple errors :

Replacement relationship's primary software item with GUID:
4903C4455A25404397AF937FBA276989 was conflicting with other software
item and the relationship was not created.


Defect related to SwKBT content filtering during export.
As result the catalogue published IBMSoftwareCatalog_canonical_form_20121004.xml , contains additional replacement relationships which result in minor failures on import summary after import.
This replacements should be exported only to canonical 2.0, which is the new format for IBM TEM SUA.
TAD4D consumes canonical 1.0 and from this perspective the replacement links are not impacting discovery:

Replacement relationships are defined in the knowledge base for software releases which share the same identity but cannot be merged because they have different external identifiers. They are only applied to content that is imported from the IBM® software catalogue. They cannot be edited or deleted.

Resolving the problem

1) Review the "Import summaries with the failures summaries" details after each import, to ensure that displayed entries are actually related to incorrect replacement relationships only.

2) Import the next latest catalog.

3) Strong recommendedation to upgrade from SwKBT version to 1.2.2, due to major improvements in the software catalog import mechanism.

Issue is fixed under APAR IV31653.

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Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Security Tivoli Asset Discovery for Distributed AIX, Windows Version Independent

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Modified date: 04 September 2013

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