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ITIM - Authman 7.1 Adapter and passwords with tokens

Technote (troubleshooting)


Customer has Authman 7.1 adapter, but does not use passwords in their Authman environment. All add requests for an Authman Account prompt for a password, which is not required in the customer's environment.


Customer is using Authman 7.1 with tokens, but not using passwords. On an add request, the user is prompted for a password.


The Authman adapter has the erpassword attribute mapped, so it is always sent/required on an add request


ITIM 5.0 or ITIM 5.1

Authman Adapter 7.1 Version 5.x

Diagnosing the problem

Even though the customer is not using passwords, they are still prompted for a password on an add request. They do not want a password set on the accounts.

Resolving the problem

Using an LDAP browser, you can browse to the Authman account profile.

In there will be multiple entries for attrmap. One of those entries will be for erPassword. You should be able to simply remove that one entry. DO NOT remove all of the attrmap entries. It would be a good idea to make a backup of the entry before removing it in case we don't get the desired results with this entry removed.

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Modified date: 10 December 2013

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