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Authorized Program Analysis Reports (APARs) are the defect reports for IBM offerings. Many products publish both Open and Closed APARs through their Support Portal pages. This document explains how to subscribe to an APAR and receive notification of changes in its status for these products.


IBM Cúram Social Program Management and its components plan to publish APARs beginning the first quarter of 2013 (1Q13). The APARs will be published when first opened and then updated as the status changes. You can find APARs published to the Support Portal and subscribe to the APAR for notification when the status changes, such as when it is closed with a resolution. Often an APAR will be closed when a code fix is made available or when a workaround is available to avoid the reported problem. You can save time and effort by researching published APARs prior to opening an SR or PMR with IBM Remote Technical Support, as part of IBM's Electronic Support and Client Self-Assist initiatives.

To search for documented problems, visit the main Support page for IBM Cúram Social Program Management at this link:
Enter your error code or search term in the "Search support and downloads" box on that page, as shown here in this nonfunctional image and then click on the arrow:

This technote will be updated when APARs have been published for IBM Cúram Social Program Management but to learn about the feature now, visit this page for another IBM software offering, " Setting APAR notifications in the Customer Support Portal" (# 1595269, link opens in a new window).

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