"You cannot run an optimization while other users are running Frango" when launching Consolidator after database optimise failure

Technote (troubleshooting)


User has tried to run a database optimisation, but this has failed and crashed the user out of the system. Afterwards, user launches Consolidator. The system tries to run an optimisation automatically. However, an error message appears indicating that the original user is 'stuck' in the system.



You cannot run an optimization while other users are running Frango


Consolidator database thinks that there is a user still running the program, and will not allow the database optimisation task to occur.

More Information:
Inside the Consolidator FoxPro database, there is a file "xlan.dbf" which records/stores which user(s) are logged into the system. If the system crashes (whilst in 'single user mode') then this problem can occur.

Resolving the problem

Restore a 'good' copy of the file "xlan.dbf" into the database.


  1. Open the folder which contains the FoxPro database (for example X:\FRANGO\DATA)
  2. Rename the file "xlan.dbf" to "xlan.BAD"
  3. Restore (from the most recent backup) a 'good' copy of the file "xlan.dbf" (into that folder)

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