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Bad performance of Export to PDF for some websheets that work fine in Perspectives

Technote (troubleshooting)


Some particular websheets encounter performance problems when exporting to PDF, and some of them just hang / freeze until the web.config timeout or IIS timeout parameters are reached, although these timeout settings were largely increased.
-This same sheet (or workbook) is getting refreshed within a short time when using TM1 Perspectives.
-The corresponding view is quickly executed in Perspectives Server Explorer / Architect Cube Viewer.
-When recreating a basic Excel file (snapshot, slice, or active form) based on exactly the same view and subsets, without changing anything afterwards in Excel, the problem does not appear.
-The more rows are retrieved by the TM1RPTROW formula, the worse it becomes.
- Printing this sheet from Excel itself is quick when using the PDFCamp printer.

Resolving the problem

The use of Conditional Formatting is at fault here.

If a conditional formatting is applied to cells that are on the same lines as those generated by TM1RPTROW formula, then the more rows are generated, the larger range of cells this conditional formatting is impacting and the worse performance is observed on the web.

It is recommended to limit the use of conditional formatting in Excel files that are designed for TM1Web

Document information

More support for: Cognos TM1
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Software version: 9.5.2, 10.1.0, 10.1.1

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1619118

Modified date: 30 November 2012

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