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Delay when running consolidation job that does not include AFC

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User launches a Consolidation With Status. User opens the batch queue, and watches the consolidation's progress. After the consolidation finishes, user opens the batch job's ID details, and reads what it did and the times that it did it.
User sees that there was a significant (e.g. several minutes) delay/pause (near the beginning of the consolidation job process). What is causing this?


In one real-life example, there was a significant delay (e.g. 3 minutes) during the initial start of the consolidation job.


There are several possible causes for delays BEFORE for the actual batch job starts running.

  • For examples, see separate IBM Technote #1346819.

In addition, there are several possible causes for slow performance when the actual consolidations are actually running (i.e. during the consolidation process itself).
  • For more examples, see separate IBM Technote #1371240.

This IBM Technote specifically relates to the scenario where the cause of the delay is that the consolidation engine is spending time deleting previously-calculated AFC values from the database.

More Information:
Imagine a scenario where:
  • Customer runs a consolidation, and ticks the option "Include Advanced Formula Calculations"
    • This creates AFC-related data in the database.
  • Customer re-runs the SAME consolidation, but this time chooses to NOT tick the option "Include Advanced Formula Calculations"
    • During the consolidation process, the system will spend time deleting the AFC-related data in the database, which causes the delay.

Resolving the problem

This behaviour is by design.

  • See separate IBM Technote #1614067 for more details.

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