** Troubleshooting ** Error "Could not attach to JVM" when using Controller

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User receives an error when using Controller.


The exact error message will vary depending on what task the end user is running. However, it will contain the following text:

    Could not attach to JVM


There are several possible causes for this error:

  • Scenario #1 - CCR_INTEGRATION_SERVER_DEPLOY_HOME system variable not set or is pointing to the incorrect location.
    • Only affects Controller 10.1.1691 and earlier
    • See separate IBM Technote #1611097.
  • Scenario #2 - The Java class path is not set up correctly on the server side. This causes the service "IBM Cognos Controller Java Proxy" to not be able to find a suitable Java Virtual Machine.

    (a) Specifically, some older versions of Controller required a system variable "CCR_JAVA_HOME" to exist. See separate IBM Technote #1414684.

    (b) More modern versions of Controller (for example 10.2 and later) do not need any System Variables. If any (for example JAVA_HOME) exist, then they must be configured to point to the correct location (e.g. a compatible 64-bit JAVA JRE).
  • Scenario #3 - Customer has a physically separate (dedicated) consolidation-only server, and the functionality ONLY fails when running consolidations.
    • This is caused by the JAVA environment not being correctly configured on the consolidation server.
    • See separate IBM Technote #1571738.
  • Scenario #4 - (rare) Controller database has been copied/moved to new server environment (e.g. new SQL server) and the database tables are being incorrectly accessed by the wrong SQL user.
    • Scenario #5 - The value of 'CCRProxy.options' has been configured with invalid values.
      • For example, the maximum memory may be too large for the capability of the JAVA subsystem.
  • Resolving the problem

    Scenario #1

    If using Controller 10.1.1691 or earlier, check existing/create-new "CCR_INTEGRATION_SERVER_DEPLOY_HOME" system variable.

    • See separate IBM Technote #1611097.

    Scenario #2a
    If using some older versions of Controller, ensure that the IBM Java 1.6 is installed on your system. Afterwards, set the system variable "CCR_JAVA_HOME" appropriately, on the application server.
    • See separate IBM Technote #1414684.

    Scenario #2b
    If using a modern version of Controller (e.g. 10.2 or later) ensure that you do *not* have any JAVA-related system variables enabled.
    • For example, ensure that there is no system variable "JAVA_HOME" configured on the application server.
    • See separate IBM Technote #1678643.

    Scenario #3
    Reconfigure the consolidation server's JAVA environment.
    • See separate IBM Technote #1571738

    Scenario #4 (rare)
    Ensure that you are connecting to the SQL database using the correct SQL user (e.g. "fastnet" or "sa" as appropriate).
    • If using a non-sa account (e.g. "fastnet") ensure that you have removed orphaned users by running a script similar to the following:
    EXECUTE sp_change_users_login 'Update_One', ' fastnet', ' fastnet'

    Scenario #5
    Check that the values of 'CCRProxy.options' (if configured) is not using invalid settings.
    • See separate IBM Technote #1693253

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