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This document lists the fixed APARs included in IBM Connections 4.0 CR2 cumulative fix.


Cumulative Refreshes (CRs) consists of a set of cumulative fixes for each of IBM Connections applications. For additional information on CRs, including instructions on how to download and install, please review the Update strategy for IBM Connections 4.0 document.

CR2 is a set of 17 cumulative fixes, each will update the entire application.

CR2 includes fixes LO71325, LO71327, and LO71328, listed in this document, and all fixes included in CR1. It is not necessary to apply these fixes if you are installing CR2. CR2 can also be applied on environments that have those 3 fixes or CR1 already applied.

CR2 fixes are listed in this table:

Application CR Level
Activities 2
Blogs 2
Bookmarks 2
Communities 2
Files 2
Forums 2
Homepages 2
Mobile Administration 2
Mobile 2
Moderation 2
News 2
Profiles 2
Search 2
Wikis 2
Metrics 2
Common 2
Container 2

CR2 is applied as a complete set. The complete set includes the fixes listed in this table:

APAR# Component Problem Description
LO72618 Global Search Delete any rows retained in Homepage database that are day older than the oldest crawling version.
LO71994 Connections Mail Replace static gadget site IDs with dynamic.
LO72231 Blogs Add Seedlist SPI compatibility with version 3.0 format.
News Share status update form does not allow posting to an individual user's board.
Files Provide an external file picker example that can be used for integration with other applications.
Metrics Scroll bar appeared on metrics overview page and some top reports in IE browser.
LO72231 Discussion Forums Can not update a reply via API if there is a <thr:in-reply-to> element provided in the entry.
LO72030 News String customization does not work for widget catalog.
Profiles Profiles to provide a direct URL for photo lookup.
LO72231 Global Search Search Atom API does not contain the atom link for Wikis Entry.
LO72140 Activities Performance changes.
LO72231 Wikis Tag cloud in I'm an Owner / Editor / Member shows at most 10 tags.
LO72153 Blogs Set default sort to date for ideation blog.
Common UI Embedded experience improvements for Mail.
LO71994 News Notification Content within Embedded Experience MIME part displayed as double escaped rich text.
Core When customers have multiple Connections servers with overlapping SSO domains it may break certain gadget functions.
Discussion Forums Forum with added topic does not have updates timestamp changed.
LO72263 Embedded Experience Non-oauth expired session not handled correctly by EE gadgets.
LO72305 Common UI Performance tweaks for Javascript framework and etags.
Global Search No JMS message sent on crawling failure.
LO72231 Business card Business card dojo compatibility changes for Portal.
LO72205 Metrics Resolve parent key not found SQL exception.
Activities Only update the Community Activity modified time on a Community Updated event when the Community theme changes.
Profiles Profiles database cleanup task can issue large queries and impact transaction logs.
Activities When events-config.xml is set to throttle down to certain event types Activities fails to send certain events which should be of those types.
Metrics Resolve failure to get total follower for a person in initial count process.
LO72197 Files Resolve Community Files owner access issue.
LO72197 Activities Remove notification to removed users.
Profiles Profile sort has URL error when using % wildcard.
LO72231 Business card Business card integration improvements.
Wikis Wiki loading performance tweaks.
Global Search Communities Membership Indexer task performance tweaks.
LO71994 Connections Mail Resolve filtering issues.
LO72547 Activities Remove organization joins from MemberProfile and AclEntry.
LO72367 Wikis Cannot edit & save welcome page of a Community Wiki that was created when wiki widget added to a Community that has special characters which are not valid for Wiki or Wiki Page Names.
Blogs Ensure targetSubject is not included in events if the targetSubject does not have access to the Blog
LO72197 Community Calendar Ensure targetSubject is not included in events if the targetSubject does not have access to the Calendar.
LO72414 Profiles The ATOM feed from the profile REST API call doesn't include extension attributes.
Activities Remove all pending events stored in the local points on exit.
LO65409 Wikis Add new wsadmin command for Wikis to allow admin to delete user drafts.
Business card Improvements to business card.
LO72501 Mobile Device Registration fails if the device model name is very long.
Global Search In WebKit browsers, Advanced Search page retains previous defined constraints without indication to user.
News Server newsfeed API now returning bad URL for wiki updates.
LO72629 Global Search Resolve issues in SAND opt out.
Discussion Forums Enable incremental flush instead of the full flush on Principal cache.
Blogs Ideation blog memory allocation changes.
Common UI Provide for the container to specify a userAgent string and use that for user-agnostic requests sourced on the server.
Global Search Change to HOMEPAGE database schema version checker for Search.
Global Search Search API only returns a single value for multiple value fields.
LO72197 Wikis Ensure targetSubject is not included in events if the targetSubject does not have access to the Wiki.
Profiles Connections 4 REST API to retrieve a board entry contains an incorrect alternate HTML link.
Common UI Process handling improvements.
Common UI Sametime proxy business card integration does not respect presence or absence of proxy configuration.
Embedded Experience Profile photos do not display in EE when login is required.
Embedded Experience Status Update EE - Attached images not displayed when posted from mobile.
Activities Improvements to memory allocation.
Profiles Show all...' link doesn't show all under Chrome nor IE9.
Global Search Logging improvements.
Homepage Comment and Like widgets are not destroyed when tearing down the Activity Stream.
LO72687 Communities Community overview page continually reloads due to SaxParserException.
LO72003 Blogs Data flow improvements.
Embedded Experience Improvements to embedded experience function.
Embedded Experience Enable trace logging for EEs in locked domain.
LO72649 Media Gallery Upload Video dialog will not display.
Activities Additional memory improvements for template handling.
Communities A white background is hard coded behind the Overview and Community image links.
Profiles Legacy Profiles Board APIs intermittently returns a 500 error on topologies where Profiles, News and WidgetContainer are located on different clusters.
Files Provide externsions for 3rd party app to integrate.
Files No hover text for the icon of new uploaded file in Community file list.
Activities Tags disappear on focus of entry,todo tag input field.
Core The property 'isDefaultOpened' cannot be set via wsadmin commands.
News Ensure support for URL EE's in the ActivityStream backend AND leverage URL whitelist function.
Files Docs enabled community files does not work properly on IE in some cases.
News Improvement to Notes and Connections Integration configuration options for administrators.
News The river of news performance tweaks for displaying records in the DISCOVERY view.
Core Add support to ActivityStream to surface URL EE's.
News Ensure that the Embedded Experience gadget MIME part within Connections Email notifications container the URL property.
Core Improvements to Activity Stream.
Core Improvements to help function.
Files Still could see new button after change community member's authority.
News In events from wikis some of the relative URLs are prepended with / and some are not.
LO72570 Mobile Resolve issue where black thumbnails are shown in the media gallery's grid view in the mobile application.

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