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How do you remove TM1 BI Interoperability portlets?


Uninstall from the Start menu, per these instructions from our documentation:

1.From the Start menu, click Programs > IBM Cognos 10, Uninstall IBM Cognos TM1 BI Interoperability > Uninstall IBM Cognos TM1 BI Interoperability.

2.On the Uninstall Language Selection page, select the language for the uninstallation wizard and then click Next.

3.Select IBM Cognos TM1 BI Interoperability and click Next.

4.When the uninstallation is complete, click Finish.

Some files and folders remain on the computer until you remove them manually. If you plan to upgrade, do not delete the files and folders.

If you are removing the Interoperability permanently, it is safe to delete the files/folders that remain.

Uninstalling the TM1 Portlets (Interoperability) does not remove it from the list of Portlets that can be added to a page. To completely remove it, please follow these directions after uninstalling:

In Cognos Administration, under the Configuration tab, choose the Portlets tab and select the TM1 Viewers portlet by checking the selection box and then choose the delete icon on the toolbar. This will remove the TM1 Viewers from the list of available portlets.

See attached screenshot for further clarification.

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