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How to improve performance of license key check out when reading large options file

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How can you improve licenses checkout performance and reduce checkout delays when the IBM Rational License Key Server is reading a large Options file (approx. 10,000 lines)?


License check out takes a long time when reading a large options file deployed to the license server due to which client applications might faces licensing issues.

You cannot checkout licenses (floating and user based) for any Rational product when IBM License Key server is reading large Options file.

The vendor daemon memory CPU usage increases significantly when the size of the Options file is large (approx. 10,000 lines) due to which the clients are not able to check out license keys from the license server.


Run multiple license servers and split licenses, options file between them to avoid any license checkout delay from the license server when reading a large options file.

Note: License server processes are single threaded process. In case of high check-out and check-in activity levels (hundred licenses per second), CPU time consumed by the license server become very significant.

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