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Duplicate artifacts not transferred by the SAP Connector

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Why are artifacts such as documents and transactions that were pushed from IBM Rational Connector for SAP Solution Manager not all received by Rational tools such as Rational Requirements Composer?


Although these artifacts were stored in different nodes in the Business Process Hierarchy in Solution Manager, they were not identified with unique IDs. The result is that the SAP Connector views these entries as duplicates and does not push them to the Rational tool.


In SAP Solution Manager you can create artifacts (such as documents and transactions) that can be linked in multiple locations.

For example, you can create a document on a business process step and then link that same document on another node.

When the blueprint is pushed to the SAP connector all documents are included in the blueprint. Using the selected blueprint mapping for the document, the SAP connector will parse all <Document> tags.

When processing each document, the SAP connector generates a document ID based on the document's URL. In this case the original document, along with all the linked copies, have the same URL.

This results in the SAP connector creating a testplan, testcase, or requirement with an ID based on the document's URL for the first encountered <Document> tag. Then for each copy, the SAP connector will generate the same ID, realize that the testplan, testcase, or requirement already exists in the Rational Tool, and update it.

The end result is that a single test plan, test case, or requirement will exist in the Rational tool.

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Modified date: 29 November 2012