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Segments missing in STblock after enveloping in Sterling Integrator

Technote (troubleshooting)


In the process of re-enveloping the inbound EDI file (ASN) , many segments inside the ST block are getting missed. Sending the EDI files to TP is impacted



Diagnosing the problem

After re- enveloping the ASN file has blank lines after each segment and this is causing the map (used in the outbound envelope) to miss the segments in ST block.
This is because read and write functions used in the extended rule will stop reading and writing a segment when a blank space is obtained.

Resolving the problem

1. If Document Keyword Replace Service is used in the enveloping BP to replace tilde (~) with 0D0A and if this logic no longer holds good, remove this Document Keyword Replace Service from the BP.
- This will help in getting the missing segments in ST block but there will be 2 tildes as the segment terminators.

2. To have only one tilde as the segment terminator, add Document Keyword Replace Service in enveloping BP to replace the tilde (~) with nothing.

<assign to="replace1" from="string('')"></assign>

Document information

More support for: Sterling B2B Integrator

Software version: 5.2.2

Operating system(s): Windows

Software edition: Standard

Reference #: 1618765

Modified date: 26 March 2013

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