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FileNet Workplace XT logging using file

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How can FileNet Workplace XT logging be enabled?


Gather WorkplaceXT_Trace.log and WorkplaceXT_Debug.log using the following steps:

  1. Stop Workplace XT

  2. Rename the in<xt_install_root>/FileNet/Config/WebClient to

  3. Open the and change the following lines. It is near the bottom of the file.

    From:, DebugOutputFileAppender

    To:, DebugOutputFileAppender

    From:, TraceOutputFileAppender

    To:, TraceOutputFileAppender


    To: log4j.appender.DebugOutputFileAppender.File=<xt_install_root>/FileNet/WebClient/LogFiles/WorkplaceXT_Debug.log



  4. Save and close the

  5. Login to Workplace XT. Check the Logfiles directory. If the files were not created restart the Workplace XT instance.

    Note: It is important to follow above steps and rename the back to after log files are collected. Logging creates a performance impact on Workplace XT.

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Enterprise Content Management FileNet P8 Platform Application Engine

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