Restriction for Secure Backup and Restore of an IBM WebSphere DataPower Integration Appliance while using IBM WebSphere Apliance Management Center (WAMC)

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Can IBM WebSphere Apliance Management Center (WAMC) perform a cross-platform secure backup-restore from a DataPower 9235 or 4195 machine type to a 7199 machine type?


Restoring from a DataPower Appliance (9235 model and 4195 model) to a DataPower Appliance (7199 model) is not supported by IBM WebSphere Appliance Management Center (WAMC).


Restoring from DataPower (9235 model and 4195 model) to a DataPower (7199 model) can be done from the DataPower Appliance's Web management interface, CLI or XML management interface by specifying the machine type of the DataPower appliance from which the backup was made.

Further details of how to perform a Secure-Backup from a DataPower Appliance can be found in this developerWorks article entitled Secure backup-restore for WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances.

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