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Parsing error when consuming third party web service with IBM Genero

Technote (troubleshooting)


When attempting to consume a third party web service, the following error message type may be encountered:

{code = "Server", codeNS = "",
description = "Procedure 'salesOrderListCompleteRequest' not present",
action = (null)}


The web service does not return the information expected.


There are a variety of styles used for web services. One of the web services IBM Genero generates is code for DOC style web services. By searching for the "style=" string in the WSDL code, one should find either "style=document" or "style=rpc". When "style=rpc" is used, specific conventions are needed.

The "style=rpc" convention is not fully described in the WSDL. The RPC convention states that the IN message should be the name of the operation, for example "myop", and the response should end with the suffix 'Response' as in "myopResponse".

The RPC/Encoded service is an older version of the web services standard which was deprecated by the WS-I. Many code generators, including IBM Genero are not at the same convention level, with the result that a message exchange may end with a parsing error.

Diagnosing the problem

To determine if a parsing error relates to this variation in convention, set the FGLWSDEBUG environment variable before starting the application.

Resolving the problem

This issue can be resolved by forcing Genero Web Services to use a client stub which adheres to the RPC convention. This can be done by including the option "-fRPC" with the fglwsdl command:

For example:

fglwsdl -c -o test -fRPC http;// 

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Software version: 2.4, 2.32

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Modified date: 02 August 2013