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OSLC backlinks are not created or removed on ClearQuest Web server when performing DOORS Web Access link operations

Technote (troubleshooting)


When using the IBM Rational DOORS Web Access interface to create and remove links to IBM Rational ClearQuest records, backlink operations fail on the ClearQuest Web server.


Backlinks are not created or removed in ClearQuest records when using the DOORS Web Access client to perform link operations. No feedback is provided in the DOORS Web Access client when the backlink operations fail.


After a Rational ClearQuest database is configured in DOORS as an OSLC 2.0 provider, some OSLC messages sent by DOORS Web Access are not successfully processed by the ClearQuest Web server.

Resolving the problem

Use either of the following methods to work around this issue:

  • When configuring the OSLC friendship between Rational DOORS and Rational ClearQuest, define the ClearQuest friend as an OSLC 1.0 provider.
  • Use the Rational DOORS rich client to complete the link operations. The link synchronization issue does not occur when using the DOORS rich client.

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