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ICMUPDATEDOCPART fails with RC=7089 when changing attribute values in non-English CM environment

Technote (troubleshooting)


When changing attribute values in a IBM ECM Content Manager(CM) server, ICMUPDATEDOCPART fails with RC=7089 error.

This is because the language setting enabled for the database can affect how CM handles characters in attributes and strings.


In the icmserver.log the ICMUPDATEDOCPART fails with the following RC=7089 error;

"ICMPLSU2 ICMUPDATEDOCPART 01112 09/06 13:26:29.282 GMT
;xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx:xxxxxxxxxxx:xxxxx USERWS Exit rc=7089 reason=0
extrc=0 extreason=0 LCT =2012/09/06 15:26:29.282"

rc=7089 (ICM7089) indicates that the length of the input value for this attribute is too long to store.

This limitation is documented in the Infocenter;


The storage size needed for storing a national language character can depend on the language setting. The storage size needed in DB2 Universal Database™ could take up to 3 bytes in a DB2® database for Unicode (UTF-8) and up to 2 bytes in an MBCS locale database. For example, for a national language such as Chinese or Japanese, each national language character would take up 3-byte storage spaces in a DB2 database enabled for Unicode. However, the same Chinese or Japanese national language character would only take 2-bytes in a DB2 database enabled with the default Chinese or Japanese locale. The CM attribute size is measured in the number of bytes, not in the number of national characters. This same problem might occur when setting any string value for a CM object. For example, the problem could occur when entering a value in the User Description field for a user.

Resolving the problem

The corrective action is to reduce the length of the input value for this attribute.

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