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Differences between "Lifecycle" and "LifeCycle" in UML models causes configurable modifiers to fail

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Using WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR) V7.0 profiles generated from WSRR Studio results in configurable modifier failures during object creation.


After creating a WSRR V7.0 profile in WSRR Studio and deploying that profile to WSRR problems are encountered when attempting to create governed objects. For example, creation of a Business Service would result in the following error:

A problem occurred creating the Concept: Example Business Service. Reason: GSR0057E: The transition "" has not been defined in the governance life cycle definition.


The casing of characters used within the baseURI stereotype of the LifeCycleDefinition UML model was changed between versions 6.3 and 7.0 of WSRR Studio. When the life cycle model is set to generate OWL, this change causes the generated OWL to contain a namespace URI that does not match the expected URI for that model in other files, such as the configurable modifier configuration files.

Resolving the problem

The problem can be solved by correcting the casing of the characters used within the baseURI of the life cycle UML model. To do this:

  • In WSRR Studio select and expand the Models folder of your configuration profile project in the WSRR Configuration Project Explorer
  • Select the LifeCycleDefinition model
  • Ensure that the model is open - i.e. showing a blue "folder" icon. If it is not open then right-click the model and select "Open Model" to open it.
  • Ensure that the top level of the model (i.e. <<LifeCycleModel>> LifeCycleDefinition) is selected in the WSRR Configuration Project Explorer
  • Go to the Properties view and select the Stereotypes tab
  • Scroll down until you can see a table of properties
  • Find the "baseURI" property
  • Change the URI from: to: (Note the change from an upper case "C" to a lower case "c" in "LifeCycleDefinition")
  • Save your changes (File -> Save)

Once you have made this change you should re-export your configuration profile to WSRR. The act of exporting will cause the necessary configuration files to be regenerated to contain the correct URI.

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