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Steps to create an Agent Build for Host Protection for Windows Server

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How do you create an Agent Build for Host Protection for Windows Server?


Follow the instructions below to create the installation executable (agent build) for Host Protection for Windows Server (Server Protection for Windows).

  1. In the Agent view of SiteProtector Console, right click on the folder that the Host Protections for Windows Server (HPWS) is going to be in.

  2. Select Manage Policy.

  3. Select Proventia Server and Version of your sensor.

  4. Open up the policy, and select Group Settings.

  5. Add the Agent Manager information that the HPWS is going to report to.

  6. Click Save icon and deploy it to the group.

  7. Open up the Update Settings policy.

  8. Use the drop down box to select the Agent Version.

  9. Open up the Administration policy.

  10. Go to the Shared Configuration tab.

  11. Make sure that you click Install local desktop GUI inside the Shared Configuration if you would like customer to have local GUI.

  12. Click Save.

  13. You need to deploy all of the HPWS policies before you can generate an agent build.

  14. Go back to the Agent view.

  15. Right click on the group that you would like the agent to be in, click Generate Agent Build.

  16. Select the Agent Type to be Server Protection for Windows.

  17. Select the Version to be the version that you chose in step 3.

  18. Type in the Description of the build.

  19. Click Ok.

  20. After the agent build is generated successfully, you can access this site to obtain the agent build (the AgentManagerIP should be changed to the IP address of the Agent Manager):http://AgentManagerIP:8085

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