The labels on the map does not show up properly in JSF application

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The labels are not being display in my JViews Maps JSF page when using the IlvMapDefaultLabeler to label the maps.


In the JSP page with the <jvmf:mapView> component, the map labels that were set with IlvMapDefaultLabeler do not show up. The labels partially appear when panning or zooming on the map.


The IlvMapDefaultLabeler has two modes: process labels in the current thread or in a separate thread.
The later is the default mode.This mode is not designed to use in JSF environment because the image will be send from the server to the client while the separate thread is still creating the labels.

Resolving the problem

When using the IlvMapDefaultLabeler in JSF environment, the labeler must be configured to synchronously respond to an image request. This can be done using the method: IlvMapDefaultLabeler.setGeneratingImage(true).

Note that you must call this before you set the view to the labeler:

IlvMapDefaultLabeler labeler  = new IlvMapDefaultLabeler();



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