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WebSphere eXtreme Scale V8.6 is available for you to download



WebSphere eXtreme Scale Version 8.6 is available. A full installation download is available to new eXtreme Scale users, and an upgrade process is available to existing users.


WebSphere® eXtreme Scale includes many new features in Version 8.6. These are just some of the release highlights:

  • Enterprise data grid
    Enterprise data grids use the eXtremeIO transport mechanism and a new serialization format. With the new transport and serialization format, you can connect both Java and .NET clients to the same data grid.
  • WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client for .NET
    By installing the WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client for .NET, you can deploy .NET applications that access the data grid.
  • Continuous query
    When you develop client applications that interact with the data grid, you might require queries that retrieve automatic, real-time results when new entries are inserted or updated. You can use continuous query to be notified in your client Java™ virtual machine (JVM) when data is inserted or updated in the data grid. This feature makes grid and data management easier for developers, administrators or both.
  • Global index
    Global index extends the built-in HashIndex plug-in, and it runs on shards in a distributed, partitioned data grid. Global index tracks the location of indexed attributes in the data grid and provides efficient ways to find partitions, keys, values, or entries using attributes in large, partitioned data grid environment.
  • High Performance Extensible Logging (HPEL)
    You can enable catalog and container server to use HPEL, an alternative to the basic log and trace facility.
  • Message center
    The message center provides an aggregated view of event notifications for log and first-failure data capture (FFDC) messages. You can view these event notifications with the message center in the web console, the xscmd utility, or programmatically with MBeans.
  • Near-cache invalidation
    You can configure near cache invalidation to remove stale data from the near cache as quickly as possible. When an update, deletion, or invalidation operation is run against the remote data grid, an asynchronous invalidation gets triggered in the near cache.

Read about more new Version 8.6 features in the What's new topic in the WebSphere eXtreme Scale Information Center.

You can download the Version 8.6 client and server. See the following links to determine which installation you need:

New users: See Download WebSphere eXtreme Scale Version 8.6 for more information about downloading the full installation image from Passport Advantage Online.

Existing users: The upgrade process is documented in the product information center. See Upgrading and migrating WebSphere eXtreme Scale Version 8.6 for more information.

Download WebSphere eXtreme Scale Version 8.6 clients for Java and .NET

See the following related links to help you get started with Version 8.6:

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