IBM WebSphere Adapter for FlatFiles permission issue when accessing directories

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When using IBM WebSphere Adapter for FlatFiles V7.5.0.1 on Microsoft Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows 8 the Adapter fails due to the write permission on the directory.


The following errors are seen in the logs:

CWYFT0026E: The LocalEventDirectory does not have the required write
permission. Directory name=D:\TestDir\stage\. Explanation=The directory does not have the necessary read or write permissions. UserAction=Ensure that the directory has the necessary permissions.


This problem is caused by an API change in JDK V1.6. Previously the JDK API checks the directory for write permissions, and returns True if write permissions are available, and False if they are not.

With the new JDK V1.6 the API returns False even when write permissions are available. This causes WebSphere Adapter for FTP to fail during deployment.


This issue occurs on Windows 7 and Windows 8 environments only, and does not affect Linux environments.

Resolving the problem

IBM WebSphere Adapter for FlatFiles V7.5.0.2 contains the fix for this issue. This fix bypasses the checking of the write permission at startup and will return true to the Adapter so the application can start correctly.

When using this fix extra care should be taken to ensure that the correct write permission is enabled for the local directories before Adapter deployment, as the Adapter will not check this permission at startup.

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