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How do you move your Proventia Desktop Endpoint Security Agents to another SiteProtector site?


Steps to have Proventia Desktop Endpoint Security agents move to a new SiteProtector installation:

  1. From the Agent view, select the group of PD that you want to move over.
  2. Go to Manage Policy. A Manage Policy window should open up.
  3. On the top of the Manage Policy window, select the Agent Type to be Proventia Desktop
  4. You can find the Group Settings policy in top right window. Open up the Group Settings policy.
  5. Add the new Agent Manager for the new SiteProtector (SP) site to the list of Agent Managers.
  6. Ensure that the same group name and policy are in place on the new site. Make sure that the Update Settings policy has latest version.
  7. Adjust the policy on the new SP so that the new Agent Manager is the first one that is on the contact list. This is to ensure that the agents don't try to contact the old Agent Manager.
  8. Stop the Agent Manager on the old SP site, and the agents will then heartbeat to the second Agent Manager located at the new site.

If the above information does not resolve your issue, please contact IBM Security Systems Technical Support.

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