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Application server fails to restart on IBM i (iSeries) after updating Liberty profile to V8.5.0.1

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After WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Fix Pack 1 (V8.5.0.1) is installed on the Liberty profile on IBM i (iSeries), an application server will fail to restart when the QEJBSVR user is used.


Versions affected:
Version on the Liberty profile on IBM i (iSeries) only. Other platforms are not affected.

Problem Description:
WebSphere Application Server V8.5.0.1 includes the fix for APAR PM70325, which added a test that inadvertently tries to write a file to a directory that is inaccessible on IBM i systems. This causes an attempted restart of an application server for a Liberty profile on IBM i to fail with the following error written to the console.log:

CWWKE0044E: There is no write permission for server directory /QIBM/UserData/WebSphere/AppServer/V85LIBERTY/Liberty/wlp/usr/servers/DefaultServletEngine Can not create or write to command directory, check server directory permissions

Applying Interim Fix APAR PM75505, which replaces the original APAR PM70325 (as specified below), or a Fix Pack containing the APAR (as specified below), resolves this issue.

For IBM WebSphere Application Server for IBM i:

For V8.5.0.1:

  • Apply the self-extracting archive version of Interim Fix APAR PM75505
  • Apply the Installation Manager version of Interim Fix APAR PM75505
  • Apply the WebSphere Application Server PTF group which includes Fix Pack 2, or later, when available (V8.5.0.2 targeted to be available in April 2013)

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