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cleartool lsview command with flag "-host" without "-quick" is slower

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Why is the IBM Rational ClearCase command cleartool lsview slower when you use the flag "-host" without "-quick"?


To get the list of all views or a subset in ClearCase, you can use the cleartool lsview command as follows.

  1. cleartool lsview

  2. cleartool lsview -host <host>

  3. cleartool lsview -host <host>  -quick

Execution time for command a and command c are almost the same. Whereas command b, lsview host, needs more time.


Output comes slower, if you use the flag "-host" without "-quick". The reason is the following. The cleartool lsview command performs DNS lookups to determine, whether the view server host is the same host as you specified by "-host".

If you use the "-host" flag, cleartool generates more network calls than the other two commands.

The "-quick" flag filters the lsview output to view tags, where the host specification is the exact case sensitive string that you specified with "-host". Because there is no DNS resolution, lsview does not report views on hosts with multiple names. With the "-quick" option lsview considers the following hosts as different.

  • ccserver,



The documentation specifies that Physical storage is not examined, and aliases and IP addresses are not resolved.

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