Using IBM WebSphere Adapter for Email with Microsoft Live server

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Creating a connection from IBM WebSphere Adapter for Email to Microsoft Live server is not a supported scenario.


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The following error is seen in the logs when running an outbound IBM WebSphere Adapter for E-mail, where the component has been configured to communicate with a Microsoft Live server ( using SSL: javax.mail.
MessagingException: Exception reading response; nested exception is: Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection


The IBM WebSphere Adapter for Email does not support the STARTTLS extension (RCF3207). This is true for all versions of the IBM WebSphere Adapter for Email. Since the Microsoft Live server does not have a separate SSL port, the IBM WebSphere Adapter for Email cannot connect to or any other email server that expect only STARTTLS command to begin a TLS handshake. Microsoft Live server does not allow a plaintext connection.

Resolving the problem


  • IBM WebSphere Adapter for Email supports connections to any email server that makes use of SSL connections and plaintext connections. As these are the only two connection types supported by IBM WebSphere Adapter for Email, consideration should be given to email servers which support one or both of these connection types.
  • To request support for the STARTTLS extension with IBM WebSphere Adapter for Email a Request For Enhancement (RFE) can be logged on the IBM developerworks site found in the related URL section below.

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