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Resolving ERZ058001E errors in region console

Technote (troubleshooting)


How to resolve error ERZ058001E in region console while loading a library or binary file in cicsas.


You might see any of the following possible symptom messages:

  • ERZ058001E/0185 06/26/11 15:37:41.718972634 wlmq 524542/0001 : Unsuccessful load of program '/reg1/bin/prog'; error 2
  • ERZ058001E/0185: Unsuccessful load of program /var/cics_regions/reg1/bin/app1'; error 8
  • ERZ058001E/0185 05/03/09 04:32:37.021389426 RG3610 798876/0001 : Unsuccessful load of program '/region1/bin/prog.ibmcpp'; error 12
  • ERZ058001E/0185 08/05/12 06:50:43.5000000 region1 6225920/0001 : Unsuccessful load of program '/var/cics_regions/region1/bin/oracle1pc'; error 13


The ERZ058001E messages are raised when an application or a library encounters an error while loading the application on cicsas. This message is always associated with an operating system returned error number at the end of the message. The operating system returned error number provides more insight into the cause of the failure.

Resolving the problem

Error 2

    No such file or directory. A component of a specified path name does not exist, or the path name was an empty string.

    Resolution :
    1. Verify if the required file is actually present in the correct location.
    2. The directories where the file is located has sufficient permission for the cics user to access and read. If the file specified is a soft link, the original location of the file must have sufficient permission for cics.
    3. A library linked to the application is not accessible by cics. You can verify by logging in as a cics user and issuing the ldd command on the application (or its equivalent provided by the OS) to identify the failing library.
Error 8

    EXEC format error. A request was made to execute a file that, although it has the appropriate permissions, was not in the format as required for an executable file.

    Resolutio n :
    1. Verify if the application might be linked with a 64-bit library, instead of a 32-bit one. TXSeries mandates compilation of all CICS applications to be linked with 32-bit libraries only.
    2. A possible reason could be due to an executable file getting copied through ftp from another system using ASCII mode and not binary. This can lead to binary file corruption. The source must either be recompiled locally, or ftp the file using binary mode.

Error 12

    Cannot allocate memory. The new process image requires more memory than what was allowed by the hardware or by the system imposed memory management constraints. A lack of swap space is normally temporary. However, a lack of core is not. Soft limits can be increased to their corresponding hard limits.

    Resolution :

    This can happen when the stack size or heap size gets filled up. You can check the memory size of cicsas and the application using the operating system utilities. Check for memory hogging processes and either wait for their completion or stop them, and try again. Soft limits can also be increased using the ulimit command.

Error 13

    Permission denied. An attempt was made to access a file in a way restricted by its file access permissions.

    Resolution :

    The cics user does not have permission to access the file. Modify file permission to provide access. For example, loading of a switchload file can fail with error 13, as the cics user is not a part of dba group on the system.

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Modified date: 03 December 2012

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