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Configuring Tivoli Storage Manager to backup networked mapped drives

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Configuring Tivoli Storage Manager to backup networked mapped drives


The Tivoli Storage Manager program being run must have the appropriate Windows account ID and password credentials for the target machine in order to access a network drive or share (identified through universal naming convention syntax \\servername\sharename) for backup or archive.

By default, the Tivoli Storage Manager client GUI and command line client run using the current logged on user's Windows account and password. The Tivoli Storage Manager client scheduler service by default uses the Windows Local System account of the machine from which the service is running.

In order to access the network drive or share via the Tivoli Storage Manager client GUI or command line, the Windows account that started Tivoli Storage Manager must have an equivalent Windows account and password on the target machine. A common solution is to use a Domain account which has sufficient privilege on both machines. Alternatively, the Windows account and password with which Tivoli Storage Manager is started can be changed at program start time by holding down the CTRL and SHIFT keys while right clicking on the Tivoli Storage Manager executable within Windows Explorer and selecting the "Run As..." option (Note: Tivoli Storage Manager client programs are located c:\program files\tivoli\tsm\baclient by default). The following Window will appear, allowing a change in the account, password and domain (if needed).

For the Tivoli Storage Manager scheduler service to backup a network drive or share, the properties of the Tivoli Storage Manager scheduler service must be adjusted so that the proper Windows account and password are provided, similar to the requirements above for the Tivoli Storage Manager GUI and command line. This can be done through the Windows service control manager tool, located in Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Services. Note that the account and password used must exist on the local machine (so the service can start on the local machine) as well as on the target machine (so the service can login to the target machine).

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